Welcome home, Baby!

Introducing my third beautiful baby boy, Levi! Weighing at 8lb. 6oz., 21 inches.

Just like his big bros, they came out fast and furious! I started having contractions at 2am on May 6, 2018 and left for the hospital at 3:30am, got admitted, and at 6:32am we finally got to hold our precious little man. There were a ton of scares with his pregnancy... but we are so thankful he is healthy and well! He also has two big brothers that are over the moon happy to finally have met the 'baby inside mommy's tummy'. Levi and i are well! He has already grown so much! I'm taking it slow since recovery hasn't been as easy and trying to enjoy the newborn stage and adjusting to being a mother of three boys

And before you even ask, NO, i will not be trying for a girl... You'd be amazed how many people has asked.. even strangers~ i've tried for a girl all three times! Haha! 

I'm happy with my boys!